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AVID Quotes

Two things that great teachers need to remember … Always give the students academic rigor, for if you don’t, the students will think you believe them to be stupid, and they will never perform for you.  And the second lesson is to always let the students know that you are on their side, that you want them to succeed, and they will do anything you ask.”
Mary Catherine Swanson, AVID Founder

“It is one thing to set high expectations for students, and quite another to give them the support that’s needed so that they are able to meet those expectations.  AVID is about fulfilling the promise of high expectations.” 
Jim Nelson, Executive Director, AVID Center

“Now, go out there and make good trouble, necessary trouble.”
Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education Greg Darnieder, quoting U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia

"Not every student may choose to go to college - but it ought to be their choice, not one that is made for them by receiving a second-rate education."
Monte Moses, Education Consultant, Retired Superintendent, Cherry Creek, Colorado

Equity is not equal.  It never has been.  Equity is giving all students what they need in order to reach a common place.  No two students come to us from the same place.  We must scaffold and give each student the tools that he or she needs in order to get them to the common place of college readiness and success in a rigorous course of study.  We can do that through culturally relevant teaching strategies to make sure we are addressing the needs of ALL learners.”
Patrick Briggs, Texas State Assistant Director, AVID Center

“I look forward to coming to AVID conferences and trainings because I always come away feeling like I am part of something bigger than myself; something that really works for kids; something I can sink my teeth into and know that I am making a difference.”
National Conference Attendee

“Enthusiasm and excitement for the AVID College Readiness System is building and growing across the globe with DoDEA and Australia chomping at the bit to join AVID Elementary and AVID Postsecondary components.” 
Shannon McAndrews, National Director of Elementary Programs, AVID Center

 "Our long-term English language learner (ELL) students--most of whom were born and schooled in the U.S. and are still labeled as ELLs--are allowed to become invisible by the end of middle school; they eek by as underachievers just below the radar.  It is our job to keep them visible and to give them the language skills to be leaders and achievers."
Michelle Mullen, Curriculum Consultant, AVID Center

AVID student panelists said . . .

 What is the hardest part of your AVID class?

“Cornell notes.  It hurts, but it works!”

“Opening up.  We did a Socratic Seminar on a poem called “Mask.”  In AVID, we take off our masks.  It’s kind of emotional, but it helps us get to the heart of our real dreams.”

“AVID pushes us to do more than we thought we could, and then our teachers push us to go even higher.  It feels so good to exceed.”

What do you say when someone asks why you should we even bother doing AVID in your school?

“AVID will raise the roof for students who didn’t know their potential – like most of us.  AVID will bring up the national statistics even higher than the goal!”

“AVID increases educational appreciation.  You actually get to learn the material through ‘C-notes’ and not just memorize it for the test one day and forget it the next.”

“Everyone has something to learn.  AVID pushes everyone to learn more.  It has such a big impact and MAKES students want to be successful.”

 What has AVID changed for you?

“ . . . my confidence level.”

“AVID set a new standard for my brothers and sisters.”

“AVID changed my dreams about what I want to do in life.”