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AVID Class

In the AVID elective class we prepare students for the rigor of a college education. AVID defines rigor as: “Rigor is the goal of helping students develop the capacity to understand content that is complex, ambiguous, provocative, and personally or emotionally challenging.”

The AVID elective classes use WICR strategies to prepare students for the rigor. WICR stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, and reading.

Writing Curriculum

  • Writing to Learn
  • Writing Process
  • Focus Lessons
  • Timed Writing

Inquiry Method

  • Engage in skillful questioning
  • Higher level thinking
  • Respectful dialogue

Socratic Seminars

  • “A form of structured discourse about ideas and moral dilemmas.”
  • Contribute to the development of vocabulary, listening skills, interpretive and comparative reading, textual analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
  • Develop student-centered dialogue which is at the heart of rigor.
  • Foster understanding of complex ideas and information.


  • Students ask, explore and answer questions.
  • Students are listeners, thinkers, speakers, and writers.
  • Students discover ideas and remember because they are actively involved.
  • Teacher becomes a coach, guiding students in their learning.

Reading to Learn

  • Connect to prior knowledge
  • Understand text structure
  • Use text-processing strategies (during and after reading)

KHS AVID Course Plan And 4 Year Plan