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Our School

Mission Statement

Prepare every child to be college, career, or military ready and to help them reach their full potential of becoming responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


Collaboratively creating a culture that establishes accountability and fosters relationships to produce college, career, and military ready learners for a global society.

KHS Songs

School Song

King High School, our voices ring 
Echoes of your praise we sing. 
Side by side till day is done, 
One for all and all for one. 
Scholarship and loyalty, 
King High School we owe to thee. 
Blue and white our banners fly, 
Raised with honor to the sky.

Fight Song

Panthers fight, Panthers fight, 
Hey boys, you’re out of sight. 
Panthers fight, Panthers fight, 
Hey boys, let’s win tonight. 
For the Red, White and Blue, 
King High Panthers, we call on you. 
To fight, fight, with all your might, 
Let us rush on to victory.