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Request a Transcript

ALL Official Transcript Request are done with the Transcript Request Form! 

All Transcript Requests

Unofficial Transcripts

Students may need to request unofficial transcripts for scholarships, summer camps, to have for their own records, or, sometimes, for employment. Your College and Career Center advisors will be able to provide you a copy of your unofficial transcript. You are more than welcome to visit the CCC in person or contact one of the advisors by email. 

Official Transcript Requests:

Official Transcripts for College Admission: 
All official transcript requests for college admission need to be made in using the Transcript Request Form. The Transcript Request Form can be found in the College and Career Center on the Grab & Go Wall.

For ECHS Academy students, your registrar is Liliana Martinez, located in the ECHS Office, on the third floor. Please return your Transcript Request Form to the ECHS office once the form is completed.

For ACE, STEAM, PSL, FBL and MED Academy students, your registrar is Mrs. Melanie Jones, located in the front office, on the first floor. Once the form has been completed, please return to the front office if your registrar is Mrs. Melanie Jones. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for the registrar’s office to process requests. Also, note that it can take the institution several weeks to process your transcript after they receive it. For this reason, it is normal for transcripts to take some time to show they have been received and processed by your university.

If the college/university is an OUT-OF-STATE school, please check back in 3-5 business days as your official transcript will be ready and sealed in an envelope. For any OUT-OF-STATE schools, your official transcript will NEED TO BE MAILED to the schools. You can bring the sealed transcript to the College and Career Center and one of your CCC advisors will mail out your SEALED official transcript.

Notes About Deadlines & Requests:

Transcripts are only sent on days the school is open Monday-Friday. Students should check their college and scholarship deadlines carefully. If a deadline is after a long break, students should not make transcript requests over the break with the expectation that the registrar will be sending transcripts. For official transcript requests for scholarships, students should ensure they submit to the registrar’s office at least one week before the scholarship deadline.


All transcript requests will be processed within 3-5 business days. (Excluding weekends and holidays)  It is important to request transcripts several days before the deadlines. Transcripts are still processed and sent through the registrar's office, either electronically or you must pick up your transcripts to be mailed to the institution.

Transcript Request Form