Taylor Surratt

Hello, I am the Head Choir Director of the King Choir. 
To find out more about our choir program go to: KingChoir.com
My objective is: 

To provide a welcoming environment that stimulates the mental health of learners by encouraging expression, creativity, critical thinking and democratic problem solving. To enrich the students’ and communities’ lives, by developing their appreciation of art and humanity through education and opportunity.

I lead teach:
Varsity Mixed
Varsity Tenor-Bass
Non-Varsity Tenor-Bass
Sub-Non Varsity Treble
9th Grade Advanced Tenor-Bass
I assist Ms. Cruz with:
Varsity Treble
Non-Varsity Treble
9th Grade Treble
9th Grade Beginning Tenor-Bass
Tuesdays, 2:45 - 3:30 pm
8th Period
Please check the Bell Schedule for times.