Programs of Study

A program of study (POS) is a sequence of CTE courses focused on one of the state's major industry sectors, or "career clusters." CTE programs of study offer students hands-on learning in their field of interest with the opportunity to earn industry certifications or dual credit hours that fulfill graduation requirements. In addition, they prepare students for post-secondary options such as employment, apprenticeships and college degrees. Below are the programs of study that are available at C. E. King High School within three graduation endorsement options and sorted by career clusters. Click on the program of study name to learn more about it.

Business and Industry Endorsement
Agricultural POS Architectural and Construction Arts, AV Tech
Agriculture, Food,
and Natural Resources
Architecture and Construction Arts, AV Technology,
and Communications
  1. Animal Science
  2. Applied Agricultural Engineering
  3. Plant Science
  1. Architectural Design
  2. Electrical
  3. Plumbing & Pipefitting
  1. Design & Multimedia Arts
  2. Digital Communications
Business, Marketing, and Finance Hospitality and Tourism Manufacturing
Business, Marketing,
and Finance
Hospitality and Tourism Manufacturing
  1. Accounting and Financial Services
  2. Business Management
  1. Culinary Arts
  1. Welding
Transportation, Distribution,
and Logistics
  1. Automotive
  2. Diesel and Heavy Equipment

Public Service Endorsement

STEM Endorsement
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics    
  1. Biomedical Science
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Engineering
  4. Programming and Software Development