Remote Learning Links

Below you will find the Google Classroom access codes for each C E King teacher who is not using Edgenuity. Students will need to make sure they connect to each of their teacher's Google Classroom page in order to receive important information, teacher contact information, assignments, and test. 
Teacher Google Classroom Code
College & Career Center
Ms. Smith, Ms. McCorr, Ms. Cruz, Mr. Lopez
College & Career Center
Abbs, L. Reading Intervention
2nd Period: hqpgbia
6th Period: w4fx4b7
Abdelmoumen, M. AVID

French 2

French 3

French 4

Special Topics
Benton, J. JROTC 4
Buchanan, S. AVID
1st Period: pb5xgy5
2nd Period: grc6b36
3rd Period: jkyvdno
4th Period: 7f65k5y
5th Period: mlla6vp
6th Period: j2cwpdk
8th Period: jnqavnd
Butler, T. AVID
1st Period: 2uvouez
2nd Period: ek7kplj
3rd Period: cliy4lr
4th Period: hs6r6g4
5th Period: vdmotca
6th Period: o4hzghh
8th Period: wz7yntf
Cabrera, A. La clase de espanol
Crawford, M. Reading Intervention
2nd Period: bd33xio
6th Period: cat5wp
Guevara, E. Chemistry
1st Period: hrzffuu
4th Period: ojnkdls
5th Period: lentxyn
7th Period: b373efw
8th Period: v7o5j6x

Earth and Space Science
2nd Period: cwmnbl5
3rd Period: n25h6n5
Hernandez, B. Calculus
Herrera, C. English I (STEM)
1st Period: apw4d7k
2nd Period: j4hsk6g
3rd Period: qhu4ai7
7th Period: sooogci

Reading Intervention
6th Period: y7enlgn
Hope, H. AP Physics
3rd Period: 2lyclw6
4th Period: 3k3ugjt
Liljenquist, A. Theatre Arts 1
Little, J. Art I 2nd Period: 5jbj6lg
4th Period: fclkgzq
5th Period: xhyw2ze
6th Period: cvcatvn
7th Period: l74q7kh
8th Period: e2t7uwz

Art 2, 3, & 4
3rd: cphdr6z
Luna, M. SAT Prep
1st Period: einlmhc

Creative and Practical Writing
2nd Period: u46ipfu
3rd Period: xpatjz5
4th Period: jkib2lb
5th Period: nrn65ky
6th Period: rcv2oib
8th Period: 34li4tu
Luther, B. Dance 1
1st Period: ocudwpf
2nd Period: go4yes7
4th Period: ozlyakt

Dance 2-4
5th Period: pyyi73u

7th Period: ibkedd4
Marroquin, R. Journalism
1st Period: mz2nwjz
6th Period: loe6cuo
8th Period: 37zxxgl

3rd Period: o23e4hg
5th Period: cgh2ts2
7th Period: fldt5re
Matchett, T. Chamber Orchestra
1st Period: 5x27q7a

Symphony Orchestra
2nd Period: wqd3wk2
Medina, S. Reading
2nd Period: mwuy5g5
6th Period: h6tmai7
McDermott, C. Practical Writing 10
1st Period: oldsrb2
2nd Period: v2hclun
3rd Period: wbu27fc
4th Period: 5uv4kd3
5th Period: itojfmq
8th Period: okyixfq
McLachlan, A. AP Literature and Composition
1st Period: zbxqsm6
3rd Period: 5ikvwgi
5th Period: zopwa5
Moore, A. Spanish 1
1st Period: h6tmbtx
2nd Period: mmhlidi
6th Period: 5npgm4r
7th Period: 2cbj2rz

Spanish 2
3rd Period: vcs5ezu
Mumford, C. Theatre Arts 1-4 and Technical Theatre 1-4

Advanced Production 2-4
Murdoch, M. Color Guard
8th Period: hp3yikg

Symphonic Band
2nd and 3rd Period: 6v4q7tr

Wind Symphony
5th Period: epxcwq4

Wind Ensemble
8th Period: 6v4q7tr
Neal, B. World History
1st Period: wky3bm7
2nd Period: lag5yj2
3rd Period: mcgjnrw
4th Period: eq5olw6
7th Period: pl4fmgv
No, J. Spanish 1
8th Period: 7fugj53

Spanish 2
1st Period: gcb54yw
2nd Period: drfrosm
4th Period: xsc3r3a
6th Period: 4jwmuau
7th Period: 36e6n46
Ovalles, G. NAC English

Practical Writing 10
Pena, A. AP Classroom Codes
1st period- 4GQXQ4
3rd period- PQ9JWZ
4th period- 467AJK
5th period- KGAN92
6th period- Y6MMMP
7th period- 33GYND
8th period- 9P4VPZ
Richards, A. AP US History
1st Period: evp72ig
3rd Period: 5oykkcc
5th Period: z4bx62f

AP World History
8th Period: gpqwbxr

Regular US History Enrichment
Roades, L. Art I
1st Period: drrimii
3rd Period: 77siz6u
7th Period: pnlhklm
8th Period: acwtnul

Art 2
2nd Period: 43r5tqm
6th Period: e3e2fqf

Art 3
5th Period: tuz3j4p
Roberson, P. Forensic Science
Period 2: dnbgfzl
Period 4: p44swzp
Rosales, A. Pre-AP Biology
1st Period: evpqjcr
4th Period: k4bcxjg
5th Period:bz6a7ln

AP Biology
2 Period: wg2go3g
6th Period: txmdwet
7th Period: gps7wtm
Sturm, R. Creative Writing
1st Period: 3jkbn7l
2nd Period: acsqvdq
3rd Period: 4jr5ukp
4th Period: qlzpdoh
5th Period: 3pliit2
6th Period: 4jr5ukp
8th Period: 5dyf2l6
Turcios, C. 1st Period: 3wizkdn
2nd Period: 6tkodfv
3rd Period: 2tpqrhi
4th Period: lpaj5zv
5th Period: vy6hhwp
7th Period: itbxm2m
8th Period: hydg5xj
Walker, G. French 2
1st Period: x6iu65a
4th Period: olknsn5

Special Topics
7th Period: tx63rg3
White, C. Art I
1st Period: 6r7k5na
2nd Period: xggwbsp
3rd Period: 4juzoik
5th Period: vfwcltj
6th Period: qqqv7jp

Art II
7th Period: lllruej7
8th Period: var6xzu