Classes Offered in King Academy


The Sheldon I.S.D. after- School program at C. E. King High school is formally known as King Academy. This after school program is here to serve students and their families. King Academy after school program is committed to not only meeting the academic needs of all students, but to focus on the whole child known as wrap-around services. The goal of the program is to extend learning time for each student using a discovery learning approach through hands-on exploration. The after school program is the promoter to support in closing the achievement gap with a long range of goals to help decrease the dropout rate and increasing academics, problem solving, and life skills performance. After school currently offers the following classes:


Classes Offered and Google Classroom Codes                                

  • Driver’s
  • TSI prep tutorials                                    
  • Court Reporting Classes-Zoom Meeting ID: 885 9290 8430
    Passcode: 784972
  • Self Care                                
  • C-STEM
  • Step Team (King Dynasty)
  • Leading Ladies-Google Classroom (kmdtnje)
  • Boxing-Google Classroom (Euongmx) 
  • Peace, Poetry, Paint -Google Classroom (qkyrkd6)
  • Peer to Peer-Google Classroom (3uzinui)
  • Photography/Video Production
  • King Design-Google Classroom (4binb3q)
  • EPORTS/Gaming
  • Debate League
  • Workforce Readiness/Entrepreneur Readiness


Driver's Education Information
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