King Academy After School Program
 C. E. King High School (KHS) After school program is grant funded through 21st Century. King Academy is committed to not only meeting the academic needs of all students, but to take a holistic approach to attending to the needs of all students. King Academy After School Program provides services to over 100 families in grades 9th- 12th during after school hours. The goal of the program is to "create experiences beyond the classroom" extending learning time for each student using a discovery learning approach through hands-on exploration. The after school program is the catalyst to assist in closing the achievement gap with a long range goal of decreasing the dropout rate and increasing academic performance. King Academy After School Program also strives to provide emotional, social and physical assistance, to all student at C.E.King High School.  
King Academy After School Program offers a variety of classes for all students such as :Driver's Education, Cooking Delight, Debate League, Gaming Club, Step Team, SAT and TSI Review, Graphic Design, Life Skills 101, Open Gym, Entrepreneurship/Workforce Readiness, Boxing, and so much more. 


Quentessa Pool

After School Program Site Coordinator

C.E. King High School 21st Century King Academy

Office Hours: 9:30- 6:00

Phone: 281-727-3057




Every child, every day!

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