TSI Information & Preparation Resources

The TSI Assessment, or Texas Success Initiative Assessment, is a required assessment for students to pass in order to attend college courses.  The TSI assessment consists of 3 separate exams:  mathematics, reading, and writing.  Students are asked to attend 3 preparation sessions prior to testing.  Students may take the exam in parts and more than once.  The KHS T-STEM Academy will provide preparation opportunities and resources, in addition to several opportunities take the assessment.
Spring 2020 TSI Test Prep dates with T-STEM personnel are as follows (8:00 - 12:00 at KHS):
February 1
February 29
March 21
April 4
April 18
May 2
May 16
Spring 2020 TSI Testing Windows:
10th Grade T-STEM Students:  January 13 - 15 at San Jac
9th Grade T-STEM Students:  April 14th - 16th at KHS
9th Grade T-STEM Students:  May 18 - 20 at San Jac
Future testing dates will be posted as they are scheduled.