ECHS Remote Learning

Below you will find the Google Classroom access codes for each ECHS teacher. Students will need to make sure they connect to each of their teacher's Google Classroom page in order to receive important information, teacher contact information, assignments, and test. 
Students should be checking Blackboard and their San Jacinto College email for assignments and details on their San Jacinto College classes. For help with these systems, students may call:
Blackboard Support: 281-542-2084
IT Tech Support: 281-998-6137
Teacher Google Classroom Code
Agee, L. Algebra 1
2nd Period: irtg6va
3rd Period: nefpui3
4th Period: tcni6rg
5th Period: 5ybbxe6

Algebra 3
1st Period: z3uctfd
6th Period: f7drvei
Balthazar, L.
1st Period: hfvebrv
8th Period: 7yioqmv
4th Period: 4tqm2nv
5th Period: goul4e
6th Period: djnu5ok
7th Period: 3gckqiw
Credit Recovery (E2020)
2nd Period: d7gd2ad
Brooks, L.
1st Period: 3duckyl
2nd Period: byzppph
4th Period: es2txrz
5th Period: skvtucl
6th Period: 4qwse5g
8th Period: supof2b
Remind Codes
1st Period: @avidalert1
2nd Period: @avidalert2
4th Period: @avidalert4
5th Period: @avidalert5
6th Period: @avidalert6
8th Period: @avidalert8
Byrd, F.
All Classes
All students are enrolled in Google Classroom and were enrolled through invitation in August.
Cotton, R. AVID 10

Harris, C.
Pre-AP Biology
1st Period: eef3qvq
2nd Period: pk2iskk
3rd Period: pvwu6ed
5th Period: i3qlfxi
6th Period: fl4mono
7th Period: 4oaneio
Hurst, J.
Physics (ALL)
Environmental Systems
Markert, W.
All Classes
All students are enrolled in Google Classroom and were enrolled through invitation in August.
McCann, R.
Spanish 1
3rd Period: mbddvqj
Spanish 3 PAP
1st Period: rga3qzu
7th Period: l2jjkyz
8th Period: jmhhvdq
Spanish 4 AP Lit.
4th Period: jhwrvyc
6th Period: x2xip7w
Moon, A. All Classes - Announcements

World History
2nd Period: lu2c4h7
3rd Period: zb7imed
4th Period: whq4a6p
7th Period: i3kqukv
8th Period: il7fsu6

AP Macroeconomics
5th Period: o7ofggt
Mueller, I AVID - 11th Grade
2nd Period: emdw3xi
6th Period: xgttcxw

Spanish 2
1st Period: lwjnvwl
3rd Period: yyid74y
5th Period: kxvw6tr
Rios, M.
Pre-AP Chemistry
1st Period: bvdc3s5
2nd Period: tyz3dfh
3rd Period: vmqnagv
5th Period: 4tdc6uh
7th Period: 257uqyb
8th Period: r2xlkzq
Saeed, S.
Pre-AP World History & Geography
2nd Period: oh3trrg
3rd Period: 7wp3zqe
4th Period: od27v7n
5th Period: 4bpl6xo
7th Period: 4c6guez
Stein, A.
US History
3rd Period: uyik3bz
8th Period: gypbnsq
5th Period: nrewqr4
Tabeche, K. English IV
2nd Period: aa2vpyu

AP Language
3rd Period: 4go7kvt
5th Period: bdwjikd
6th Period: opaoljn
7th Period: okuprs7
8th Period: o57dkpv
White, A.
Pre-AP Geometry
3rd Period: wpf3kf4
4th Period: y47isr5
6th Period: qglmvtd
7th Period: ivfabtz
8th Period: y7kpwht
Wiggins, J.
English I Pre-AP
1st Period: xzmdnne
2nd Period: hltot3y
3rd Period: ovtphwq
4th Period: 3sbkwyw
7th Period: 5fvzsip
8th Period: mgfh7h6