Endorsements Offered

Graduation Endorsements Offered

Arts and Humanities Arts and Humanities
Includes courses related to fine arts, history, world languages, cultural studies, and English literature.

Possible Course Options: Art, Band, Choir, AP Music Theory, Music Appreciation I, Dance, Theater Arts, Creative Writing, Floral Design, Independent Study in English Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, Special Topics in Social Studies, Spanish and French.

Business & Industry Business and Industry
Includes courses related to agriculture, architecture, audio video, business management, finance, hospitality & tourism, information technology, journalism, manufacturing, and transportation.

Possible Course Options: Veterinary Medical Applications, Architectural Design, Audio/Video Production, Business Information Management, Accounting, Culinary Arts, Web Technologies, Welding, and Diesel Technology.

Public Services Public Services
Includes courses related to education and training, health science, human services, and law.

Possible Course Options: Human Growth and Development, Instructional Practices, Health Science Theory, Medical Terminology, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, Forensic Science, and AFJROTC.

STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) 
Includes courses related to science, technology, engineering and advanced mathematics.

Possible Course Options: Engineering Design and Presentation, Computer Science, Game Programming and Design, Algebra III, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, Earth and Space Science, AP Biology, Environmental Science, Pre-AP Anatomy and Physiology.

Multidisciplinary Studies Multidisciplinary Studies
Allows students to select advanced courses from the curriculum. 

Possible Course Options: Advanced Placement courses, Dual Credit courses, and Advanced Career and Technology Education courses.