CTE Remote Learning

CTE LogoBelow you will find the Google Classroom access codes for each Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher. Students will need to make sure they connect to each of their CTE teacher's Google Classroom page in order to receive important information, teacher contact information, assignments, and test. 
Teacher Google Classroom Code
Bass, J. Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
7th Period: uyxc67n

Intro to Culinary Arts
5th Period: sgvod5t

Culinary Arts
3rd & 4th Periods: lerpbkr

Practicum Culinary Arts
3rd & 4th Periods: 3otrvku

Interpersonal Studies
6th Period: s3u3jt2
8th Period: 43zi36b
Buentello, D. Banking & Financial Services
3rd Period: kgevluf
6th Period: 7hnczex
8th Period: ybacusr

Money Matters
2nd Period: zftpdq3
4th Period: nbxzob3
5th Period: 7caf56r
7th Period: 2dgeimt
Carrington, R. Principles of AV

AV Production I

AV Production II
Cluse, S.  
Finney, C. Food & Nutrition
6th Period: pgcatps
8th Period: yq4gtfc

Human Growth and Development
1st Period: ifkby3p
3rd Period: bsunrb3
4th Period: y5onkvi
5th Period: 7pbrwpg

Interpersonal Studies
7th Period: xoza7to

Health Science Theory
1st Period: stlj6el
2nd Period: 4ibguw4
4th Period: jaxdq4k
5th Period: juoazea
8th Period: dyuylpb
Health Science Remind Code: @9e67fk
Griffin, J. Principles of Ag
1st Period: 7ugtzft
2nd Period: 6gifmzr
4th Period: ljliwak
5th Period: si5ob3z
6th Period: 5sog22k
7th Period: nbok2y2

Livestock Production
3rd Period: 453a6b6
Jackson, A. Principles of Health Science 1st Period: w3trgfc
2nd Period: Irhavth
4th Period: qebwnhd
5th Period: 3cbnp4s
6th Period: eea7bg5

Health Science Theory
8th Period: 7etnibg

Math for Medical Professional
7th Period: 7apmz22
Jones, C. Ag Mechanics and Metal
1st Period: o2o6sve
5th Period: v6c63oa
6th Period: kqo42x6

Ag Structures Design and Fabrications
2nd Period: yuxjepy
3rd Period: gnl72im
4th Period: ge2xjag
Jones, R. Adv Animal Science
2nd Period: 3vb57gr
4th Period: zkyooy7

Equine Science
1st Period: boxzyex
3rd Period: r2smct5

Practicum of Agriculture
8th Period: kcpgnbm

Vet Med
5th Period: 2k2rvrc

Wildlife Management
6th Period: 6ftgdqv
Kelly, L. BIM I
3rd Period: ugui4lu
5th Period: 76yf7nf
8th Period: lxtxqbk

4th Period: lyukzqm
6th Period: wz2to2q

Human Resources
1st Period: tswvhyg
7th Period: svghjlw
Lopez, G. BIM I
1st Period: b5iyusa
7th Period: qftunos
8th Period: tsoxkma

Business Law
3rd Period: c57sfm5
4th Period: afdt3zj
5th Period: swynu4w
6th Period: dssmes4
Lundy, T. Business Law
1st Period: godzpkn
2nd Peirod: 4occ55y

8th Period: ktzxteq
McDaniel, J. Accounting I
4th Period: vil4cp5
6th Period: fxrshd6

Accounting II
1st Period: dduhke7

Principles of Business
3rd Period: n42td5l
5th Period: qns3wrn
7th Period: wy2poby

2nd Period: mfdyr4u
McFadyen, C. All Classes
Mechler, A. Principles of Architecture
1st Period: uhe7s5d

Architectural Design I
5th Period: cb54f7b
8th Period: 4zcyitu

Architectural Design II
2nd & 3rd Periods: 3h6p5ob

Practicum of Architectural Design
6th & 7th Periods: 3urxp64
Menn, C. Professional Communications
1st Period: yple7n6
5th Period: xxfkzxp
7th Period: jicqzee
8th Period: 7iuhxdr
Milam, H. Ag Math
1st Period: 2augvt7
6th Period: h3mxxxl

Floral Design
2nd Period: iwd7f2v
4th Period: stgx7nl

5th Period: belagir

Principles of Ag
3rd Period: ehh4azj
8th Period: fofz3fq
Mills, S. BIM I
2nd Period: eb2wz6y
3rd period: laq3zih
4th period: z5ubbri
6th period: wccyzyi
7th period: mzyzlvt
Moreham, W. All Classes
Murphy, A. Human Growth and Development

Principles of Human Services
Netherland, D. Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering (college)

Engineering Science

Practicum in STEM
Savage, G. BIM I
3rd Period: 7wuwoco
4th Period: 73cg6s3
5th Period: dmlle57
6th Period: kxpji3b
7th Period: hdsmjlw
8th Period: nuvhiuz

Virtual Business
1st Period: do2pjdw
Scott, D. AVID
4th Period: sd45ogt

Career Preparation
1st Period: jnzqgq6

Career Preparation (GW)
5th Period: ch6i3px

2nd Period: h256rfr
Sosa, C. BIM I
1st Period: 3o6cn4z
4th Period : hod2zuc
5th Period: tsliu56
6th Period: 5neuwk6
7th Period: sqsbgwx
8th Period: zlx74xp

3rd Period: w7gfchl
Thompson, A. Counseling & Mental Health
Walker, A.  
Whiteley, C. AP - Computer Science A

AP - Computer Science Principles
4th Period: vv5tk25
7th Period: lllujqs

Business Statistics
5th Period: 6z7emc7
8th Period: kgp7z7i

Fundamentals of Computer Science

Computer Science 1