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G3 - Girls Guiding Girls

G3~Girls Guiding Girls, a nonprofit organization establish in 2017, as a female mentoring program and addition to the Sheldon Independent School District (SISD) support programs. If was founded under the belief that various youth in the SISD community require meaningful academic, career and social guidance. Determined to make a difference, the leadership and educational staff convened a series of meetings to gain respect and support for the initiation of an essential female mentoring program.

G3 Photo With support from C.E. King High School (KHS), educators set out to initiate a program that gave the SISD family a place for the young ladies of KHS resourceful support to grow beyond the boudaries of the Sheldon community. G3 is a school based mentoring program staffed by the campus staff/educators.

Mission Statement
G3~Girls Guiding Girls is a campus based organization that seeks to provide effective life skills that will push out at-risk female youth to seek enhanced academic opportunities, develop effectual social skills and expand their life's visualization into reality beyond their community boundaries.

The three non-negotiables are:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Support

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Mrs. Mullings
Day Mullings
G3 Coordinator
Mrs. Stein
Alice-Lynn Stein
G3 Co-Coordinator