Clay Sims

Welcome to United States History, from 1877 to the present.  This class is a STAAR tested subject designed for the 11th grade student.  
Regardless of whether or not the student is in-class or remote learning, the approach, standards, and expectations will remain the same.  PATIENCE is key.  Let's be patient with each other as we get used to what's going on this it is VERY different.  I will FACILITATE students. That means I will provide guidance, help, assistance...but the STUDENT will be responsible for doing the work and/or completing the task.  
My class is very simple, if you put in the effort, you will see the results.  In addition to covering the large amount of content, we will focus on HOW we think.  We will learn to problem-solve, analyze and evaluate, and put our brains on a higher cognitive plane by the time this year is over.  This class is a marathon, not a sprint.  Therefore, daily attendance, effort, and class participation are critical to your success.  I will provide you the tools and the build the building!  We are not "Coco"...we are intelligent humans with the ability to think at high levels.  THAT is what you will get out of this class:  Life-long skills and abilities to better function in our society...along with fun and exciting US History stuff!!!!
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Master's Degree:  Master of Arts, History at Eastern Michigan University
Bachelor's Degree:  Bachelor of Science, History Education at Southern Illinois University

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Secondary History, 6-12
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