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Hello Panther Nation!
My name is Tunisia Wolridge and I am the Lead Counselor at C.E. King High School.
As I embark on my 7th year with Sheldon ISD and my 14th year in education, I am thrilled with the academic relationships I have built within our community, parents and students. As Sheldon continues to grow with the capacity of tomorrow’s leaders, I am honored to be in the midst of that amazing next step in our student’s lives.
As the lead counselor, I have made a commitment to our students and staffs to assure our students are college and career ready. As a High School Counselor my role is to advocate within the school and community by challenging, encouraging and supporting all students. I am a liaison between students and teachers to create a healthy, positive and encouraging relationship. Our counseling team encourages and advocate counseling services that will include individual counseling, conferences with students, parents and faculty, student assessments, college and career information, consultation and coordinating referral services.
My motto: Meet a child right where they stand!
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