Felicia Johnson

I'm thrilled to embark on my 5th year of shaping bright minds through CTE business classes, and this marks my fantastic 3rd year at King High School. My journey has taken me from a decade at NASA, where I soared amidst innovation, before venturing into the world of certified teaching. 
Beyond the classroom, I indulge my cinematic side by immersing myself in movie marathons on TUBI. When not at the chalkboard, you'll find me cherishing precious moments with my family and exploring captivating destinations through travel. 
Anticipation bubbles within me as I look ahead to our shared journey this year. Together, we'll unfold the pages of learning and growth, where your aspirations meet my guidance. Let's make this year an unforgettable chapter of discovery and accomplishment!
Mondays, 2:50 pm - 3:50 pm
6th Period
Please check the Bell Schedule for times.