Class of 2024

Welcome Class of 2024!




Congrats! You've been dreaming for years about what you'll do after you graduate, and this is the year you'll take on many critical steps to kick-off your dreams into reality.



There are several different online platforms through which universities accept applications: ApplyTexas, CommonApp, and Questbridge. All of these platforms allow students to create a centralized college application and use it to apply to several colleges, saving time. Each online application approach includes an applicant profile, list of member colleges, checklist to see the status of the applications, and application requirements; but the overall look and formatting differs. 
Students will have the opportunity to use whichever application platform desired. 

Enrollment in the Free and Reduced-Meal Program qualifies students for fee waivers for:

  • SAT test registration 
  • ACT test registration
  • College applications

Please see a College Advisor to request a fee waiver for the items above. When requesting fee waivers for College Applications, make sure to have successfully submitted a college application online before sending the fee waiver.

The school does not receive a list of students who qualify for the program so it's important that you complete your Free and Reduced Lunch Application. Applications can be returned to the Child Nutrition Office. We ensure confidentiality in this matter; your privacy is important to us.

Learn more about Free and Reduced-Price Meals and access the application here.



College admissions test provide college a way to compare applicant academic strengths. 
The SAT and ACT are just one aspect of the college admissions process. It is important to plan ahead when it comes to the SAT and ACT. 
**Because of COVID-19, some colleges have opted to waive the SAT/ACT requirement for the 2024 admissions cycle. Please remember that scores alone will not guarantee admissions or rejection.**
The TSI Assessment (TSIA) is part of the Texas Success Initiative program designed to help your college or university determine if you are ready college-level course work in the areas of reading, writing, and math. 
Did you know that there is FREE MONEY for college at different universities? 
Many Texas Tuition Guarantee Programs to help you cover the tuition, fees, and books at participating community colleges and some 4-year school in Texas? Take a look at the requirements to participate in each program. WE PROMISE, we are here to help and give our students the different resources that are available to them! Be sure to check them out and what's needed for for the programs!