Class of 2022 Resources

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Class of 2022


Financial Aid Workshops for the month…

October 5th- 6-7:30 PM, Performing Arts Center


October 21st- 6-7:30 PM, College & Career Center




During Financial Aid Workshops, students and parents will have the opportunity to begin and complete their Financial aid applications. You must bring your parent’s 

2020 Tax Return to the Financial Aid Workshop.


Remember completing a Financial Aid Application is NOW a Texas Graduation Requirement. 


Click here to access the FAFSA Form!

Click here to access the ENGLISH TASFA Form!

Click here to access the SPANISH TASFA Form!



Students, please remember that college applications are open. You all may use the two frequently used websites:, Remember, you all will be completing the applications as a “First Time Freshman” for “Fall 2022”. 


When requesting transcripts please remember to contact your designated Registrar. KHS students - please contact Ms. Jenkins at ECHS students - please contact Ms. Martinez at The College and Career Center will have copies of the Transcript Request Form available to be turned into the Front Office when completed. Transcripts can be sent by mail or through the electronic system. Please allow transcript requests to be processed in 3 business days.





College Board Opportunity Scholarships

The College Board Opportunity Scholarships offer nearly $5 million in scholarships each year as a way to reward students for their efforts to plan and pay for college. The program is currently open to the class of 2022. Students should plan to complete six college planning steps for six separate chances at $500. When they finish all six, they’ll be entered into a drawing for a $40,000 scholarship, but they can still earn money even if they don’t complete them all. The first two steps are now open to juniors. The rest will open up over the next year.

  1. Build Your College List: Get started by exploring colleges of interest and build and save a college list on College Board BigFuture™ ( with at least six (6) schools. You must be logged in to BigFuture™ using your College Board account.
  2. Practice for the SAT: Log in and complete either (a) a Timed Mini Section or (b) a Diagnostic Quiz to practice for the SAT using Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® ( Your College Board and Khan Academy® accounts must be linked.
  3. Explore Scholarships
  4. Strengthen Your College List 
  5. Complete the FAFSA (Opens October 1)
  6. Apply to Colleges 
  7. Complete Your Journey