Non-Varsity Band (Period 5th)

Course Description

The high school Band program provides four levels of Band classes during the school day. The instructional priorities include instructional technique, musicianship, critical listening, cultural growth, basic music theory, creative self-expression, rehearsal and concert etiquette, self-discipline, responsible citizenship, effective communication, problem solving, and production of quality products. Band students receive instruction on both marching band concert fundamentals. During marching band instruction, students learn marching fundamentals, spatial awareness, kinesthetic awareness and basic dance fundamentals. A variety of musical styles are performed. Importance is placed on physical conditioning, so students should be in good physical condition in order to participate. This includes summer preparation in band camp during the months of July and August. Concert season is ongoing and provides students an opportunity to continue musical growth and experience music literature. Individual musicianship as well as small and large ensemble concepts and skills are emphasized. Performances during the concert season include numerous concerts, festivals, and community events. Students may also participate in a series of auditions related to the all-state process as well as solo and ensemble competitions. Students enrolled in the band class must attend after school rehearsals and performances. According to the students’ demonstrated proficiency during their audition, class period placements will be made in the appropriate Band grouping (i. e. Symphonic, Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, Percussion, etc.)