Chamber Singers World Music Ensemble I-IV (Period 7)

Course Description

Chamber Singers choir is a varsity level choir for both male and female students who have had at least one year of high school choir. This class is designed for advanced choral students who possess a passion for singing and a passion for excellence. The Chamber Singers choir will compete in UIL Concert and Sight-Reading. Students in this class will learn advanced concepts of music theory, music history, sight- reading, and vocal production. All students in this class will be required to sing at the Region 19 Solo and Ensemble contest and audition for the Region 19 honor choir. There will be a formal audition process for this class and only 16 students will be accepted. Approval from a director after a scheduled audition will be required to participate in this class. All after school rehearsals and performances are mandatory. This course has a co-enrollment requirement of being in an additional choir. The second choir will be A Cappella or Ladies Ensemble at the discretion of the director.